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Red Deer were imported to New Zealand in the early 1850's from British Royalty to develop trophy hunting in New Zealand. Due to the abundance of feed and the absence of any natural predators, Red Deer flourished in this temperate climate. Today New Zealand is now known throughout the world to produce the best trophy red stags.

Our Red Stag hunting areas are in the Haupiri Valley, which is nestled at the base of mountains on the West Coast of New Zealand with stunning views, snow fed rivers, and lakes. These areas include the bush and river meadows of the Haupiri Valley and the gradual valley slopes including all the natural forest and tussocks, at the top overlooking the entire valley. This is not a piece of cake hunt, so try to get your legs in shape. On the other hand we will cater to all types of physically fit hunters to give them the best experience possible.

You will be able to get a quality hunt from February to August with the ‘Rut’ (Roar) beginning in March and through to May. Taking a trophy stag makes you eligible for SCI record book and we can help you track down stags that will take you into the books with an impressive tally and memories of a great adventure.

Stags range from 300 - 600+ SCI. Weights 450 lbs – 700 lbs. Best trophy 6 - 8 years old. Winter coats are thicker dark red, with white trim around the back end.

Custom fit hunting days to suit your needs.

And a big bonus at end of your adventure if you wish. Train ride back to Christchurch from Greymouth through Arthurs Pass on 4 hour train ride is considered best in the world. You will be glad you did.

Preserve Stags
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  • Beautiful rainforest scenery
  • Pickup from Christchurch Airport
  • Private and Exclusive Lodge
  • Wonderful meals
  • Friendly, experienced guides
  • Hunting from February to August
  • Monster red stag, arapawa ram, feral goat
    and wild boar hunts right at your back door.
  • Crystal clear blue river with world renowned brown trout fishing
  • Paradise duck and black swan hunting after May 6th
  • Turkey Hunting
  • Night eeling - Can reach 3 ft long
  • Horse-back riding
  • Limited numbers of hunters in camp at a time, for your ultimate enjoyment
  • Train ride after quest back to Christchurch from Greymouth through Arthurs Pass
    on 4 hour train ride is often considered best in the world.